Gift to Gay Guy: My Daguerreotype Boyfriend

Gay Guy,

I know you love historical photos.

There's a new Tumblr that celebrates "Where early photography meets extreme hotness."

The subjects may be long dead, but one reader notes that "the sexual tension between me and these photos is suffocating."

I won't comment except to say that Daguerreotype is an early photographic method involving silver, iodine, and mercury. (I took Graphics Shop I and II in high school and need to validate that educational experience. I learned a few things -- on and off syllabus -- and silkscreened many questionable t-shirts there.)

Here's the link: My Daguerreotype Boyfriend

--Straight Guy

P.S. See also the blog: Bangable Dudes in History. But don't stay up all night.


straight in upstate said...

Most people decide they hate history before they A) hit puberty and B) discover historic photographs. It's the best part of the history business - everyone's popped wood or gotten moist for someone who's been dead a hundred years. Definitely check out Lewis Powell on the bangeable dudes website.

TorqueStory said...

SG and GG, here's an interesting video going around on Facebook that shows that not all pics of hunks will be attractive to gay guys as well as straight women. I dare GG to find this video sexy:
Hot Dudes with Kittens

Gay Guy said...


I, too, know the appeal of dead men posing. It pulls me wistfully into an imaginative past . . . until I remember that people didn't do multiple loads of laundry a week or take at least one shower a day. And, don't forget manual labor. Just keeping the house warm meant taking your life in your hands.

I checked out Bangable Dudes in History. I'd probably fall for Robert Cornelius. Nice looking, plus compatible hobbies (photography). No way that I would fall for Lewis Powell. I am over the bad boy stage (assassin for sure falls in the "bad boy" realm). Plus, I would have known he was crazy. He's not so hot, but the hand cuffs . . . .

I have a small collection of old photographs, too. Most of them men together. I should put together a post about them. A weekend assignment, along with a dozen other potential posts.

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