Viral Video: Alec Baldwin Asks, Had Enough? Fight Back

Straight Guy,

"No one tells a New Yorker that they can't marry Jesse Tyler Ferguson."

Alec Baldwin lends a hand for Fight Back New York, which works to remove from office New York state senators who block civil rights for gay and lesbians. Targeted are 38 state senators who voted against marriage equality.

There's only one thing getting in the way of his marriage to Jesse Tyler Ferguson of Modern Family, Baldwin dishes: The New York State Senate. "Had enough?" Baldwin asks. "Fight back."

Alec, you rock!

--Gay Guy

Hey, GG,

Let me also make this late addition of another example of Alec Baldwin's witty use of reverse psychology -- this time on the topic of public radio pledge drives. His admonition? Don't give!

In other spots, he holds Ira Glass hostage as a DJ on a spanish pop station and spoofs his famous Glengarry Glen Ross monologue. Link



Anonymous said...

very witty

Oddyoddyo13 said...

Here here!

Straight Guy said...

I added a sample of his other tongue-in-cheek advocacy for public radio.

Don't judge Alec Baldwin. Like many straight guys he can be a raging a-hole, but his heart is often in the right place.

Straight in Upstate said...

Hey SG, equality means we're ALL raging a-holes sometimes but can still be good people. I was ready to write off Baldwin after his voice mail to his daughter, and his part in the worst family movie ever, Thomas the Tank Engine (although his performance was brilliant next to Peter Fonda's), but he's beginning to redeem himself.

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