Announcing: Gay Ads | Straight Ads

Hello, Readers,

We're launching a new feature here at GG/SG. The new tumblr blog is a byproduct of our semi-regular AdWatch feature.

As you know, we're interested in stuff that examines, celebrates, and/or exploits gay and straight stereotypes.

We'll still put a few ads on this blog from time to time. But we wanted to have have a quick catalog for all the of the print, web, and billboard ads that we see but don't always have the time to comment on.

The tumblr format is better for quick posts on a single topic, and makes it very easy to repost photos and videos from around the web. Readers can comment, ask a question, or share an ad.

Nothing will change here at GG/SG. But you can check out Gay Ads | Straight Ads at

Right now, there are a some new posts featuring TV ads from IKEA and Harley Davidson. Each uses the "almost caught cheating" theme, but with a twist. Check 'em out here.

--Straight Guy


Allie said...

Cool! Can't wait to see what else you guys upload =)

Oddyoddyo13 said...

Love the new site! The beer commercial was really weird.

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