Straight Guy Holds Onto His Manhood. . . By a Whisker

Straight Guy,

In your July 13 post about ultra-macho film The Expendables you worried that --given that it was opening the same weekend as Eat.Pray.Love.--if the chick flick beat out the testosterone-fueled destructo boy movie, you feel a nip to your testicles.

Fear not. T
he Expendables led the Top 10 chart, but not by a huge margin. You still deserve to be a man, at least for this week.

--Gay Guy


Oddyoddyo13 said...

Sorry SG, couldn't help but laugh at that one. :)

(Luv the title GG-you never fail to crack me up.)

Anonymous said...

Yes, good headline.

So, Gay Guy -- were you in the line for Eat Pray Love or just watching it from afar? Did you tip the Top 10 balance for either movie?

SteveA said...

I guess Straight Guy wins this week....but Eat Pray Love has gay guy written all over it (I'm so going to see it!).

Donna Hole said...

Oh good, b/c I think I'd rather watche Expendables too.

But Julia Roberts? Well, just can't miss one of her movies.


Straight in Upstate said...

I'm not seeing either, but a Julia Roberts movie? Whining, introspection, more whining, winsome giggling, more whining, that shouting thing she does in every saved $8 (?), send me half.

Straight Guy said...

I was only posting a link to a preview that emphasized that this was a good weekend for straight guys to draw a line in the sand. I wasn't endorsing the plan. These man-filled action films are often so homoerotic that I'm not sure you can make a simple gay/straight choice anyway.

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