Straight (?) Guy Hall of Shame: If It's Less Than Six Inches You Have to Throw It Back

Gay Guy,

I only have time for a quick news brief today... Important stuff, though.

This is a photo from a British bachelor party gone wrong. The gentlemen involved decided to celebrate the upcoming nuptials by chartering a fishing boat for the afternoon. Good idea.

While out on the high seas they decided that the trip would be more enjoyable in the nude. Bad idea.

The photo was captured by an RAF helicopter called to investigate the goings on. There's some blurry video on The Sun's site, but don't get your hopes up, GG.

I once had a fishing hook snared in my leg and had to push it through and cut off the barb before I could remove it. Ouch. As a kid, my brother was also once hooked in the top of his ear.

So, fishing in the nude (and the additional risks inherent therein) would NOT be on my list of recommended activities.

How these guys got so mixed up on the traditional use of nudity at a bachelor party, I'm not so sure. If you don't want strippers involved, that's a reasonable decision. My own bachelor party was a shameful farce. (Readers: GG claims to have have been the only voice of reason on the planning committee -- thanks for trying, GG.)

About the ONLY thing that could have made that day any worse would have been an afternoon of nudity with my guy friends and future brothers-in-law. Even an extremely high blood alcohol level wouldn't have changed my mind about that.

--Straight Guy


Oddyoddyo13 said...

How many drinks did they have again?

Talk about an awkward ceremony....and family reunion.

Michael Rivers said...

Gay or straight, I don't have a problem being nude with other guys. There comes a point when guys are guys. LOL. But--I would keep away from the fishing equipment! Ouch.

Gay Guy said...


Let's hear more about your comfort zone being naked with other guys. We . . . well, I, want some deets here.

Gay Guy said...

I hope the bride runs like the wind.

Who the hell makes a deliberate decision to get nekkid with friends and family? That's just messed up.

The idea of an afternoon of fishing as a bachelor party activity is pretty cool, though.

Dorn said...

Maybe it's like the ultimate in thrill seeking? Possibility of scrotal trauma heightens the experience? Nope, still not working with that angle.

Straight Guy said...

Oddy: They stayed naked for hours, so awkwardness was not their top concern.

Michael: I'm not anti nudist (though I've never been impressed with their spokespeople). But that's not how I want to introduce myself to my girlfriend's family.

Dorn: Yes. Very risky. Plus, they were drinking.

SteveA said...

I can't be nude for too long - something might pop up especially as my thoughts run away along with the alcohol!

But not a good idea I think with family and future in-laws.....

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