Gay Guy Screws the Economic Recovery

Straight Guy,

I don't know how this happened, but I didn't spend any money today.

I used my bus pass. Was late for a meeting first thing at work, so drank office coffee (and appear to be none the worse for it). It was clean up day, so the office brought in pizza for lunch. No fear of afternoon munchies, because the office provided crack-like snacks. Made dinner from food in the freezer. Did laundry and read.

Not one dime.

Not gay, not straight. Just weird. Good weird, I guess.

Not being a good American, though. I know my country needs me to do better to help us out of these economic doldrums I know I can do better tomorrow.

--Gay Guy


Molly Louise said...

Feels really weird doesn't it, not to spend anything during the day?

Try two and you'll really feel awkward. :)

Straight Guy said...

Hey, wow. Me too. But I guess since we work together it's not such a surprise.

We need to keep track to see if you spend more on coffee than I do on the snack vending machine.

Straight in Upstate said...

Y'all are actually typical Americans. I just saw on my Yahoo browser (screw you, local newspaper) that Americans have tripled their saving rate - great habit, lousy for the economy. We're addicted to growth, which is tied to buying crap we don't need - even GG admitted the office coffee didn't kill him.

Dorn said...

The mounting chaos shall cripple us all GG & SG! Today you must spend DOUBLE!

Oddyoddyo13 said...

LoL How did you manage that? I need tips.

BosGuy said...

Never fear, I spent enough to account for the both of us (and then some)... Damn those delicious sangrias.


SteveA said...

It's good - but it won't last for long...pretty soon the itch will be back lol!

Tinkerschnitzel said...

I spend all my money on the weekend, so I don't have any left during the week. :D Damn those Target sales. lol

Gay Guy said...


I just got nabbed by Target. Package due any day. At least it was something practical.

Steve A:

I've already fallen off the thrifty wagon.

Kyle said...

Hey GG! The trip's not bad! Granted, I would like more time to explore the country, but mid-semester break is coming up soon, and it's not exactly like I'm terribly busy with course work...tertiary education here is relatively easy compared to what I'm used to back in the States, but at least that means I can relax for a bit whilst here. It's still strange coping with a 17 hour time difference, but living in the future's not so bad, haha. Anyway, I'm off to class (boooo) but then I have the rest of the day free (yaaay!). Cheers!

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