Emmy Guide: Love "Glee"? You're Gay

Straight Guy,

It's Emmy time.

Bill Maher serves up some award night wisdom. Will anyone (please) take it.

--Gay Guy


SteveA said...

Should be good. Hoping true blood wins a few!

Gay Guy said...


I was a big True Blood fan, but only as far as Season 1. I loved the concept of the show -- not only how witty and well written it was, but the metaphors of vampires with gays and persons with AIDS.

Plus the guys were mind-blowing hot.

But the blood thing is too icky for me. When there is blood in a movie, I end up watching it through my fingers.

Squeamishness about blood does not give you much of a future for a series about blood.

Straight Guy said...

You know I'm a fan, GG. If I thought Leah Michele looked hot last night, where does that leave me?

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