Straight Guy Hall of Shame: Can I Get a Witness?

Gay Guy,

I guess Dear Abby has been running a series on standards of appropriate dress. But here's an example of the ultimate in straight guy self-centeredness:

"DEAR ABBY: Hooray for "Can't Believe's" comments on cleavage at businesses and schools, but I'm more disturbed by the number of women -- young and not so young -- who show way too much in church. I'm a guy who appreciates God's handiwork, but please, ladies, don't showcase it in the pews."

Poor guy can't get through the day's sermon on the dangers of coveting, because he's too busy coveting. Don't these women know that this man's impure thoughts are their problem, not his?

--Straight Guy


Gay Guy said...

Tsk, tsk. Straight men ruin everything! Even in a house of worship.

This is why GG does not go to church. Too much sexual tension.

Oddyoddyo13 said...

Oh Lord (whoops, sorry). Just read GG's comment.


Straight in Upstate said...

Oh sure, GG, pin it all on the straights. Like you're not coveting your neighbor's ass at church.

I'm torn about the Dear Abby dude. Of course, he's responsible for his morality. On the flip side, I live in a college town, surrounded by young women who could be my daughters, given our ages. I try to be upstanding and non-sexist, but if they wrap their parts in inadequate quantities of neon-colored fabric (the tubeless top and the micro-mini skirt), I'm going to look at them. Normal straight guy or disgusting pervert? (Look = glance, not ogle, not physically approach or violate)

Dorn said...

"Don't these women know that this man's impure thoughts are their problem, not his?" My wife walked out of her parent's church when the preacher was delivering this line of BS. Still a very sore point ten years later.

Anonymous said...

And how rude of these ladies to also hang their cross necklaces where they only bring additional attention to this dangerous area.

SteveA said...

But the temptation is maybe God's way of testing our inner human fraility - after all it's not the ladies fault that he is weak or is it?

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