Straight Guy Hall of Shame: 30 Days / 30 Dates

Gay Guy,

Meet Brian. He's lonely. Very lonely.

He's a Midwesterner, new to the New York scene. And is having trouble connecting with potential romantic partners. So he plans on dating 30 women in 30 days, all through social networking. He calls it crowdsourcing.

"What if I took my dating life and put it into the hands of everyone online? Just kind of let it go," he wonders.

So, Twitter will be his wingman.

I don't want to knock the guy. He seems harmless. Perhaps a little too much so. Which is very much at odds with his 30-day-do-or-die campaign. I can't tell if he's looking for a bootie call, or someone to be the big sister he never had.

I'm trying not to judge, GG, but you know my less-than-sensitive gaydar has trouble differentiating between "gay" and "capri-wearing-hipster." Wondering if he shouldn't limit his options on this 30-day search.

I hope it works out for him. []

Readers, what do you think? Ballsy, naive, or something else?

--Straight Guy


Oddyoddyo13 said...

That's funny, I was pondering his capris when I read that. I don't know though-I'd go with naive.

But then again, anything is possible...

Brutalism said...

The capris threw me, too. I don't consider myself shallow, but capris would be a dealbreaker. Then again, so would knowingly having my date tweeted and blogged about (as the women who agree to date Brian will be subject to). Dunno.

"Twitter will be his wingman" -- best line I've read in a long time.

j.m. neeb said...

I'm ashamed to admit that I didn't notice the capris until they were mentioned. *hangs his head in shame*

I think it's naive, but also a bit desperate. I mean, if you are putting your dating life "into the hands of everyone online," that's not good. Not one bit.

I wish the guy the best of luck, but I really think he should have taken a different route.

Just my two cents.

Straight in Upstate said...

This will sound hateful, but I saw Straight Guy at the top, then looked at the photo of Dating Brian, and thought, "Oh, there's a mix-up, this is GG's people." Not just the capri pants; the body language and the whole package, to me, scream "I'm conflicted." However, he is from the Midwest, and moving to NYC may be his biggest issue. Maybe he's not gay, he just needs to live west of Cleveland.

Gay Guy said...

Yeah, the capris read gay to me. Not that it really matters, but I think he's wearing tight, rolled-up jeans, not capris. (I've seen the return of the roll up for men, but this is crazy.)

He looks like Mary Martin playing the female lead in South Pacific. Let's get a belt-out of "There is nothing like a dame!"

I worry about Brian. Gay or straight, what he's most likely to attract online is not the girl of his dreams, but a Cougar. Some New York City, over sexed Cougar who is going to eat his ass for dinner. And, not in the way that Brian had hoped.

Michael Rivers said...

I guess he's setting a fun goal. And it's getting people talking. LOL. Women might want to go out with him just to say they were one of the 30? I don't know. I'm not much of an expert on women. Of course, I doubt I could find 30 guys wanting to go on a date with me. Now I'm sad.

Dorn said...

So it's like The Bachelor meets American Idol without the network backing. Pretty sure he should pepper in some men into that month just to give "true love" a fighting chance with this one.

Straight Guy said...

I don't want this blog to be in the business of guessing at or judging people's sexuality. But we go there from time to time. It's within our topic area. And a person who surrenders his privacy to the internet in this way is not an innocent target. Gay or straight, it's not a big deal, unless he's knowingly wasting everyone's time.

I just find it odd that someone with almost no perceptible sexual energy would engage in this exercise.

Many people are lonely. Some of them for long periods of time. Four quiet months in New York does not mean that it's time to hit the panic button, or create your own version of The Bachelor (where almost no one leaves with dignity intact).

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