Ad Watch: Pamela Anderson's Meat Market

Gay Guy,

Yes. Another entry in our "objectification for a cause" series. This time Pam Anderson asks us to go vegetarian, based on the specious claim that "all animals have the same parts." So not true.

Last week the city of Montreal banned the ad on the grounds that it was sexist and "goes against all principles public organizations are fighting for in the everlasting battle between men and women.” Thanks for playing right into PETA's hands, Montreal. Since then, the story (and the ad) have been picked up by multiple news outlets, and distributed to millions for free. [1,2,3]

PETA has used sex to sell the animal rights cause before, including the "I'd Rather Go Naked than Wear Fur" campaign, and having porn star spokespeople for their spay and neuter drives. Must be working for them. Their pro-tatoo/anti-fur campaign --
"Ink Not Mink" -- is also well-crafted and positioned. GG, Ladies, click here for some cause-based male objectification. Or heck, just see the whole media center here.

In this case, I'll grant that Pamela has achieved a certain notoriety based on her... parts. Still, c'mon PETA, no sense of irony in having a famously "enhanced" model out front on this? Eating factory butchered beef would be much safer (on a chemical level) than eating Pam Anderson. Did I just say that?

By the way, I'm not pro- or anti-PETA. It's a complex issue for me. I love my shelter dog. I also love omelets. Save the seals! Save me some barbecue sauce!

I'm active with the Humane Society. They do great work, and now that I think about it, they could probably sex it up a little.

--Straight Guy


J9 said...

And the REAL question - How in the HELL did Lady Bunny get on a Peta ad?

Dorn said...

Animals have the same parts huh? Pretty sure silicone and/or saline bags wouldn't pass FDA inspection.

Oddyoddyo13 said...

Amazing what people will do to get their message out there...(And I definitely agree with J9)

Straight in Upstate said...

Another group with wacky tactics. I'm more disturbed by the "youngest adult film star who's been in hundreds of movies" shilling for PETA. F**k hundreds of men (on film for money) before the age of 20? Sure!!! Let little kitties and puppies do the same? Eww, ick! I know it's a serious issue - getting porn stars to talk about it makes it less serious.

Anonymous said...

Where can regular people go to get Photoshopped like this. Or did Pam launch this campaign in the 1990s?

j.m. neeb said...

You know, I read about that and thought "I'm hungry to eat me some animals." Then I had a bacon cheeseburger... just so I could eat two kinds of animals at the same time.

Okay, maybe not. I think I find myself in the same, in-between area you do, SG. On one hand, I am vehemently against animal cruelty and am not about to go out clubbing seals. (Going clubbing with Seal is another story.) On the other, I do like eating meat.

It's quite complicated really.

Brutalism said...

PETA is extreme...but they get people thinking and talking. If they didn't do this stuff, would we be discussing it right now? They're marketing geniuses.

Talli Roland said...

Definitely an eye-catching advert!

Straight Guy said...

j9: had to do a quick google search (can't visually identify all historic drag queens) but you are on target.

Dorn: Yes. That was the point I was trying to make about the chemicles which might taint a Pamela Anderson porterhouse.

Oddy: But where would this blog be without these crazy ads. We just aggregate them for the sake of pure science.

Upstate: Yeah. they can't object to objectification and cruelty for their cause by leveraging talent that is exploited in another industry.

Anon: I saw another blog's comment that said something like they used all the photoshop up on one ad, there's none left for the rest of us.

J.M. I can't even hear the words "bacon cheeseburger" without wanting one. May have to alter my route home.

Brutalism: I fully recognize that I am now part of the PETA marketing machine.

Talli: Welcome. Please come back. We're not only focused on analysis of sexy ads... not only.

Gay Guy said...

I just finished watching an episode of Top Chef. The chefs had to cook with bizarro proteins: llama, crocodile, ostrich.

One guy got stuck with duck testicles. 1) Eewww. 2) Ducks have testicles? Who knew?

My point? If all animals have the same parts, then would my parts pass an FDA inspection? Can you picture a duck cooking my testicles on TV?

Gay Guy said...


Welcome! We're glad to see you. As you've noticed, we've got a great group of readers and commenters here.

kathryn said...

I'll never understand this. I realize that someone at PETA read that Pam is a vegetarian....(altho, if I had the time, I'd scour the internet for a photo of her eating a burger somewhere)...and offered her some green to pose, to which she said, "Hell, yeah!"

We all know that sex sells. If nothing else, this ad will sell more Pam posters, movies and searches for that sex video w/Tommy.

I doubt anyone will be overheard in the meat dept announcing that they've sworn off meat because of that Pamela Anderson poster they saw...

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