Ad Watch: Insulting Me Won't Help You Get My Organ

"Becoming a donor is probably your only chance to get inside her."

Ouch, Belgian organ transplant organization, why did you have to go there? And why is this ad in English when your site is Dutch (I think)?

Sorry, we straight guys are not falling for it... We're not THAT selfish. You don't need to be a stiletto-wearing lingerie model to get my pancreas. Besides, I think Varla Jean might need it, sooner than later.

--Straight Guy


Gingerella said...

Can you see that flying in an American magazine? It'd be funny to witness the uproar, though.

Nice new layout!

Oddyoddyo13 said...

Now that's just kind of rude. I always thought that donating an organ was to save someone's life, to do good in the world....but then again, I'm probably just one of those unrealistic humanitarians.

Straight in Upstate said...

You post some weird crap, SG, but then you post stuff like this that really spotlights media assumptions about straight men. That's a really kinky plea for organ donation. And for some men, it's not the only chance - they consider kidnapping and rape as options, and objectifying women isn't helping any. So it's pretty sick on several levels.

Gay Guy said...

I just don't see this ad working. I'm not going to sign over my parts if all you do is insult me. In fact, it would just work in reverse--I'll just hold my stuff until you're nice to me.

kathryn said...

Honestly, I can't think of anyone that this ad doesn't insult.

Kudos...if that was their intention.

Anonymous said...

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