Straight Snapshot: Addicted to "Gimme" Caps

Gay Guy,

You're probably not getting a buzz on your gaydar from these two, I'm guessing.

But please recognize the commitment to fashion that these two gentlemen have demonstrated... in their own way. And, just as we are never meant to see the Geisha without the ghostly makeup, these two should never have been made to suffer the indignity of appearing without their trucker hats. Oh, the shame.

Thanks to the often-updated mugshot gallery at the Smoking Gun for these. As to why I found myself browsing those web pages, I have no reasonable explanation.

--Straight Guy


Gay Guy said...

Be still, my heart. It's the attention to detail that gets my attention every time. In this case, see the forehead of the due of the left for the half-moon-shaped burn left by gap at the back of the cap.

Anonymous said...

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