Congrats, Straight But Fabulous

Congrats go out to "Straight But Fabulous," frequent GG/SG contributor. She rocked in today's Boston Marathon, completing the race in only slightly more time (3:30) than it took for me to get from slapping the alarm clock to walking out the door for work.

Straight Guy and I celebrated SBF's accomplishment with a joyful $2 spending spree at the office vending machine. Pop tarts for SG, Snickers for me.

I'm not always a Snickers bar fat ass. I ran a marathon once. (No one was more surprised than me.) I 'trained,' if you could call it that, partially because SBF 'suggested' I do so and she does not take 'no' for an answer.

But, ultimately my decision to go through with it was, like so many other decisions in my life, based around a guy I was love-sick over. I'm not sure I started 'training' to impress him, but I know I went through with it because he decided to stop seeing me.

This is a symptom of gay math. As in "you dumped me, divided by --in totally unrelated news-- I ran 26.2 miles, equals you will realize your sheer stupidity in matters of the heart."

I only know about being gay. Do straight people have this kind of stupid math, too?

--Gay Guy

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Straight but Fabulous said...

Yes, yes GG - we straight girls have the same math anyway. Its "you dumped me, divided by -- OMG! I've lost the heart break eight pounds - and purchased everything on - and since I look better than I ever did when I dated you - you will realized your sheer stupidity in matters of the heart."

Disclaimer Note: this has NEVER actually worked for....anyone. :)

Btw - you've got two months to get ready to train for fall marathon season. Saddle up!

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