Speedo, We Know

Straight Guy,

A few weeks ago, I admitted on here that Michael York in the film the Three Musketeers was my first celebrity crush. But, having sorted out my facts, that crush wasn't until 1973.

My first celebrity sexual crush was during the Summer Olympics in 1972. Mark Spitz and those seven gold swimming medals across his smooth chest. I remember sneaking furtive looks at the
Time magazine cover of Spitz and feeling a profound guilty pleasure. I knew the desire was wrong, but I knew I wanted to look. It's probably when I 'knew.'

The impact of the image of Mark Spitz on a budding gay boy is pretty easy to understand.
It was probably my first site of male flesh besides my own. It was a gay hormone rush. I would only assume that nearly two decades later, the dozens of Michael Phelps magazine covers, Time magazine once again of Michael Phelps in a Speedo (Summer Olympics 2004) had pretty much the same effect on a new generation of gay boys. Easy to get the allure.

But answer me this, Straight Guy: When straight guys look at a magazine cover photo of a hot guy with a fantastic body wearing a Speedo racer (Spitz to Phelps) why do they say, "Oh, my God, I am looking at gay porn," not "Wow, what a great athlete." It's the trunks, right? If Men's Health has a cover of a shirtless football player in voluminous exercise shorts, that's straight, right? What makes a Speedo racer trunk gay? Whatever it is, I'm glad of it.

Deep sigh, when I turn on the Summer Olympics in a few months, I will miss the turn on that men's swimming used to have. The "One Suit" down to the knees might might please the Amish but they don't watch TV. But, I do love this One Suit

--Gay Guy


Anonymous said...

Umm GG, please use your standard italics. I thought SG was having an identity crisis or perhaps, you'd started a new blog:
"Gay Guy / Coming Out Guy: A Whole New World"

Gay Guy said...

Anonymous, I had no idea that my type face (or lack of one) was sexually ambivalent. SG is working on some HTML solution. No worries, neither SG or I have having an identity crisis.

Straight in Upstate said...

There may be something about the Olympics - I had the major hots for Dorothy Hammill. The costume wasn't terribly revealing - I think it was the haircut. (I'd make a sick joke about being turned on by Javier Bardem's hair in No Country for Old Men, but I didn't actually see the movie.)
GG, how about Eric Heiden in the 1980 Olympics? Great legs - and as you surmised, it's okay for me to say that because he didn't skate in a Speedo.

Straight Guy said...

GG, your "porn vs. athlete" distinction is further complicated by homophobes who will complain about Phelps on the cover of SI, but will obsess over a wrestling or ultimate fighting magazine without a second thought.

Gay Guy said...

And someone please explain how Mixed Martial Arts is not on the porn side of the porn/athlete divide. I about fell out the first time i saw it on TV.

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