Isn't it Bromantic?

Seattle Times explains the "bromance" phenomenon.

There seems to be little worry about perceptions of homosexuality in a bromance filled with macho pursuits like drinking beer, watching sports and playing video games. But rifts can occur when serious girlfriends enter the picture or someone moves to another city.... Bromancers say they keep the spark alive by making an extra effort to see one another and keeping an open and honest communication.

I don't get it. I have guy friends, sure. But the second they need "extra effort" and "open communication," they are off the list.

--Straight Guy

Do you make the "extra effort?" Or have you seen a bromance in action? Comment here.


Gay Guy said...

I would have expected the "Not His Real Name" asterisk after each dudes name.

Are you and I in a bromance or just bro-dependent?

Straight Guy said...

No, you are not my brosom buddy or my alter e-bro... but I will meet you for one of your frequent "bro-runch"s someday soon.

Not breaking up here... but can we be just friends?

Anonymous said...

Should I be concerned if my husband is in a bromance with his 3 best friends from elementary school? One is particularly sensitive and needs extra attention from the other three and periodically they have conflicts about open and honest communication.

Straight Guy said...

Hey Anonymous,

Thanks for the question. Look for our response in an upcoming post.

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