Strange Bedfellows

This might be the saddest thing I've ever seen.

FYI, I love how frisky the pillow is getting in the third photo.

Order now on

Go ahead and get more than one or two, GG. That way, every morning will be like waking up after the greatest party ever.

--Straight Guy

Three questions, Straight Guy:
  • 1) Does it come in leather?
  • 2) WHERE do you hide this when company comes over?
  • 3) Is it too creepy if I add a wedding ring so that I can really hate myself in the morning?
--Gay Guy


Anonymous said...

I am reluctant to ask, Straight Guy, but I must know how is it exactly you came across this gem in the first place ...

Straight Guy said...

I... ummmm... errrr...

Look, just because I am straight doesn't mean I am immune to the lures of bargain shopping.!

Straight But Fabulous said...

What I want to know is - does it come with change-able fashion accessories - like a malibu ken doll?

Can you buy a wife beater tank (half that is)? preppy Izod polo? 1987 Def Lepard Concert Tshirt?

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