The Straight Minority Report

Gay Guy,

I don't know how this happened. New research shows that gays and lesbians are out-blogging straights by huge numbers. The data from the Harris survey
states that 51% of gays and lesbians are active in the blogosphere while only 36% of straights are.

Other surveys indicate that gays have more disposable income and discretionary time than straights. I assume that this this leads to more computer access and time to surf the web. I can't be because you are more opinionated than we are, can it? Interestingly the data also indicates that you are more responsive to web advertising, too.

Here's a quote from the Cyberia Blog at the Globe and Mail:
It wouldn't have occurred to me to divide blog readers this way, but then I'm not a marketer; I began to realize this survey is important for marketers because of the significant discrepancy in the behaviour of straight and gay people on the Web. If advertisers are trying to reach gays and lesbians, this survey tells them unequivocally they should look at blogs — almost 20 per cent of gays and lesbians reported feeling more “positive” about ads on blogs as opposed to 8 per cent of heterosexual adults.

All of this is a surprise to me. I can't say that you're particularly tech-savvy, Gay Guy. W
hen we started this enterprise, my blog tutorials with you were frustratingly similar to what might be entailed in teaching an Amish grandmother to play Grand Theft Auto on a Playstation.

--Straight Guy

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Anonymous said...

Ok - the truth is we straights really don't want to blog. Lazy? Perhaps. Then again, I think there's something in the gay community - fostered for whatever reason - that seeks things out - information, connections, opportunities. It's not that I haven't tried to reach out on the internet/ethernet, etc, much if it before blogging became de rigeur. So, do I lack courage? What's a girl to do Gay Guy/Straight guy?