Mr. Piggy is a Diva, Too

The Jim Henson company has a sub-brand called Henson Alternative. Here's a pilot for a new show called "Tinseltown." It's similar to "Curb Your Enthusiasm" in style, but features two gay animal puppets and their Hollywood misadventures. Brian Henson (Jim's son, now president of Henson Inc.) is one of the lead performers.

I just thought I'd bring this up because I am a life-long Muppet fan, raised in the first "Sesame Street" generation. I know that the Ernie/Bert relationship was lampooned in "Avenue Q" as an unrequited gay love affair and that Miss Piggy has long been a gay icon for her drag queen fabulousness. I would have given Bobby and Samson (photo above) a fair chance at success if only the show had been.... funny. But, that's been a problem with so many current Muppet projects.

GG, as a member of the target audience, please let me know if this just went over my head.

Here's a link to the streaming video.

--Straight Guy

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Straight in Upstate said...

I definitely want to hear GG's opinion. The novelty of gay Muppets and live actors and "what would Jim think?" overrode whether it was funny or not, for me. I don't think I could watch a half hour of it.