Man-oh-wrecks it?

Straight Guy,

Went to see 'Baby Mama' last evening. That fact alone may break up our friendship.

Anyway, the movie is exactly what you think/dread it will be: more long than funny, with endless stretches of predictability laced with an occasional hilarious 30 seconds. It was better than spending Friday night with my thumb on the remote, I guess.

There is a short scene in which the Fey and Poehler characters
participate in a support group with the others in the surrogate parent program, plus the pregnant surrogate moms. It's the standard, "Thank you for sharing," Styrofoam-coffee-cup-AA meeting stuff.

There's gay couple in the group.
Even before one of them refers to the other as his 'gaysexual partner,' we are meant to understand they are a gay couple since they are two men together, one of whom is having a limp-wristed, weepy, over-the-top, mini-breakdown, complete with hair gel... lots of hair gel. Oh, those subtle semiotic cues.

Anyway, Hair Gel admits that he's "manorexic," and he's deathly afraid that his child will be born fat (oh, and the boyfriend is a butterball). It didn't wreck the movie for me. The line manages to not be offensive, it's redeemed by being truly hilarious: he seems genuinely unclear whether the woman carrying his child is extraordinarily pregnant or morbidly obese. Now, that is funny! Right?

Want to grab Iron Man and a beer after work this week?

--Gay Guy


KELT said...

Oh, sure. You all go on to Ironman without me.

Straight Guy said...

When GG said he wanted to grab Iron Man, I wasn't 100% sure he was talking about the film.

Straight in Upstate said...

Has anyone else mistaken references to Ironman for being a documentary about triathalons??

Kathleen Lawton-Trask said...

Doesn't it seem like he would need a beer before grabbing an Iron Man?

Straight Guy said...

Iron Man may want to belt back a few in preparation as well.