Viral Video: Miracle on 22nd Street, from NYT


Happy New Year! Before the holiday spirit fades away, take a look at this video from the New York Times. Shout out to one of our NYC readers for pointing it out to us.

GG and I always participate in our workplace charity drives. Better to give and all that.... But at least we can see them coming.

So, my Santa-hat is off to these guys. Plus, I like their dynamic.

I often snark on the big papers and some of the elitism I find there (See recent cookie recipe post, oh, and enough with the ballet coverage, already!). But do you think your local TV news station is going to find the time to produce this mini-documentary and give up 7 minutes to air it? Think again. You go, Gray Lady.

--Straight Guy


Gay Guy said...

SG, Thanks for posting that film. It's wonderful and a joy to watch.

Readers, SG is far to modest to say that he "participates" in our office holiday drives -- he has been the ring leader of them for years, bringing in a sleigh full of gifts, toys, store cards and cash each year.

I left town before SG made his final pre-holiday delivery. But, he's still driving around with more than $100 of Play Do in his trunk. Don't worry: It's for a hospital that uses it for kid's play therapy all year long, so there's no kid who was left forgotten.

Dorn said...

Wow. Did they proffer up any kind of explanation once the news researchers got a hold of it?

BosGuy said...

Yes, I LOVE that video. I sent it out to family the day after Christmas when I saw it.

What a wonderful story and example of the Christmas spirit.

Lilly said...

Wow! That is a wonderful story!

Rev. Robert Hensley said...

I am an Episcopal priest...and every holiday season we do what we can for those who otherwise would not have a Christmas. It might seem odd for me to quote the Koran, but it says, basically, that "If you save one person (do good), you have saved the world." The flip side of that is that if you harm one person, you have harmed the entire world.. These guys have got it right. Blessings!

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