Ho-Moe Outed: Too Personal a Personal?

Straight Guy,

'Nuf said.

I don't know Moe. Or maybe I know more about him that I should.

Moe's position's been outed: True? Untrue? Good advertising?

SG, I suspect sexual position is something your peeps don't have to think about much. I've said this before, but preferences like this between partners pale compared to savers v. spenders, morning people v. night owls.

--Gay Guy


BosGuy said...

Moe might want to reconsider his make-shift billboards in lieu of sites like Manhunt.

Straight Guy said...

Leave the Three Stooges alone!

Anonymous said...

Well, he forgot his phone number, so what's the point?

Gay Guy said...

I don't think that Moe wrote this. I think it was a instance of "Don't ask, Tell."

Junior high school boys at work again?

kathryn said...

Oh, GG. I'm thinking it says "MAC"...not "Moe"...and he meant to say "...is a BOTTOMless pit" 'cause Mac is a truck driver who eats a lot of grits and stuff.

Hey...ya never know.

It's so weird for me...'cause if I passed that on the street, I'd never even get it. I'd be thinking that Moe was a bottom-feeder...as in kinda scummy.

Dorn said...

Pale in comparison? Isn't it kinda supremely important to discover? You know, like a straight guy needs to know his partner is currently a woman?

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