Homogenius or Just Homo Just Above Average?

Straight Guy,

One of our poker buddies forwarded this today. I'd never heard of this game, had you?

The board game is a Trivial Pursuit knock-off. All the questions are gay culture-related, thus it's "Homogenius." Could be fun, but I am suspicious. If knowing where the saying "friend of Dorothy" comes from is a standard for intellectual challenge, it's both easy and stereotypic. Spoiler alert: Answer is the influence of gay icon film Wizard of Oz.

From the press info: Homogenius "celebrates gay culture and explores the contributions that gay personalities have made to theater, music, movies, television, publishing and politics." Aaarrgh. 1) Gays are people, not personalities. We are not fab celebs in training. 2) Probably doesn't make for a good board game, but we also make contributions to teaching, landscaping, dentistry and contracting. I wish my gay life was half as glam . .

SG, will this be a substitution for poker? Switch out Texas Hold 'Em for Chelsea Fuck 'Em? Since I'm the only gay man who comes, you worried about me taking all your chips? You like to bluff when we play poker -- can you bluff your way through Homogenius?

I don't think I need this for Christmas., but if you find gay Yahtzee, pick it up. Don't know why, but Yahtzee just sounds gay.

--Gay Guy


Nance said...

Are any of us ever, EVER allowed to escape stereotypes and the pandering, marketing, and exploitation involved?! Aaarrgh, indeed!

I wonder if we can calculate the degree of cultural incorporation of a group by the sheer number of products targeted to that group in a single time frame. We could then chart that arc over time. Women, for example: chart the number of products geared directly to that "demographic," dating from...say, randomly...three years before The Pill, up to today. Chart Hispanics. Chart gay males. Chart lesbians (somehow, less targeted to date, I imagine...but why do I think that?)

You get the idea.

Bah. Humbug.

Dorn said...

This is so going in the office White Elephant Gift Exchange!

straight in upstate said...

Dammit...well, at least ACT surprised when you open your present from me this year.

Gay Guy said...

Nance: I smell a dissertation topic.

Dorn: Don't let it go to waste! Give it to Straight in Upstate to give to me.

SIU: I promise to act surprised.

Straight Guy said...

No I cannot bluff my way through Homogenius. But I will read a pamphlet on gay contributions to dentistry.

See you next week for poker.

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