Viral Video: Go, Daddy, Go

Rock those Dockers, Papi!

No need to watch beyond the the first few withering glances, but you might not be able to turn away.

--Straight Guy


Straight Guy said...

Follow up: I didn't want to make an assumption about the orientation of the guy or the motivation for the video. But I did giggle at the youtube commenter who posted "So where's the OTHER dad?"

SteveA said...

I think the "dad" wanted to do the video and had the two girls as a distraction. I mean it seems that he's over dancing and knows the song all to well.....but who am I to criticize - I'm a Hannah Montana fan :)

Gay Guy said...

I think this is exactly what the 'family values' folks worry about.

SteveA totally nailed it.

My biggest problem is the clock on the back wall. So small and out of proportion to the space.

kathryn said...

I am so embarrassed for that man.

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