Gay/Straight Cuisine: Any Queer in that Beer?

Straight Guy,

Our last post about fried mozzarella sticks served up inside a grilled cheese sandwich --yuck-- inspired a few comments about gay/straight food.

First, this link about deep fried beer, now available at the Texas State Fair. The beer goes inside a pocket of dough the size and shape of a ravioli, then it's deep-fried for about 20 seconds so that the beer retains its alcohol content. Its creator says it "tastes like you took a bite of hot pretzel dough then took a drink of beer."

I like beer and pretzels. But I like cold beer. How hot does the beer get while getting deep fried? I worry about biting into one of these pretzel pockets and hot liquid running out. Sounds like unstable engineering to me.

In my August 25 post about human breast milk cheese, I said I'd eat a piece of it just to say that I had done it. Ditto deep-fried beer. But I keep worrying about burning my lips on the beer.

I don't think any rationale straight man over age 25 consumes fried beer more than once, so my vote is that it is orientation neutral. It's about being Deep South frat boy, not about being straight.

A reader tipped us off to something that safely falls into the gay gourmet aisle. This summer, Del Monte brought out a popsicle in the shape of Daniel Craig coming out of the rolling waves as James Bond in Casino Royale. Classic. I'll tamp down all the obvious things that I could recite here. This is gay, we know it. But practical, too. If I burn my lips on the friend beer, I can soothe them with some frozen Daniel Craig.

SG, you and I both love David Mehnert's essay on queer food. It's a classic. You've posted it before, but our readership has grown so much that it bears a repost.

Happy eating.

--Gay Guy


another gay gay said...

Gay Guy,

I am so proud of your restraint about the Daniel Craig popsicle. Nothing about licks, sticks . . .. okay, you were clean, I will be clean, too.

Oddyoddyo13 said...

Deep friend beer...makes you wonder what ELSE they'll come up with to deep fry doesn't it?

Dorn said...

I heard about this while in Florida. Leave it to my glorious Texas to top the redneck food chain with this gem. nestled aloft the fried Twinkie and Fried Butter. Surely to be available at your nearest NASCAR event!

Straight Guy said...

It's easy to mock the fry-culture which is now found at any county fair. But these concoctions are not staples, they are once a year indulgences. I admit its symptomatic of a bigger problem, but the fried Oreos aren't killing us, it's the every day stuff.

Besides, it's too quick and easy, just dip something in the batter and toss it in the deep fryer.

That Daniel Craig bar, though, was carefully crafted by loving hands. Just saying...

Straight in Upstate said...

I remember when Jolt Cola - "all the sugar and twice the caffeine" - came out in my beloved upstate. The creators were vilified and they said, "Hey! Soda's supposed to be a treat, like ice cream. We're not forcing people to drink it 24 hours - don't want to get fat & hyper? Stop drinking it all the time!"

Tinkerschnitzel said...

I still have yet to visit the state fair, so I can't comment on the fried food, but it is an important part of the culture. Where do you think corndogs came from?

That aside, even as a woman I don't think I'd be able to keep a straight face with the popscicle.

kathryn said...

I'm sorry....but you're completely omitting the straight female. (Gee...don't you guys even think of us?) If I encountered the Daniel Craig popsicle, it would be MINE. And I would receive nothing but looks of envy from every female (and gay male) I sauntered slowly past.

Especially depending on where I chose to begin my consumption. (GG, you can live vicariously through me on this one!)

Gay Guy said...


I read your blog daily. I already know that I live vicariously through you.

Talli Roland said...

Deep fried beer?!

In Scotland they have deep fried Mars bars. I thought that was bad!

Gay Guy said...

What could possibly be bad about a deep-fried candy bar? I try to be a clean eater, but it sounds good. I'll try anything once. Mostly.

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