Gay Guy Says: We're on TV, But We Rule Reality

Today, GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) released its 15th annual “Where We Are On TV,” which tracks LGBT television characters on broadcast and cable television shows. Read GLAAD’s news release.

The good news for 2011: My people are all over TV. GLAAD’s report shows that 23 LGBT characters will account for 3.9 percent of “scripted series regulars” in the broadcast television schedule. Doesn’t come close to representing the overall population, but compare it to 1.1 percent in 2007, baby.

The bad news: Not one transgender or black LGBT character on broadcast networks.

No surprise that HBO’s True Blood ranked the most inclusive program currently on television, featuring six regular and recurring LGBT characters. And are they hot!

“Scripted characters” don’t include that deliciously awful cast of crazies that is reality TV, which has a kind of open immigration, if not recruitment, policy for gays. I don’t watch American Idol or dance shows, but I’m in love with Top Chef, Just Desserts, and Project Runway.

God bless, Bravo, it's homo heaven. Bravo has maybe 3.9 percent straight characters.

--Gay Guy


Michael Rivers said...

We keep getting more mainstream. This is always good news. Oh how I love "True Blood." One day, I'm going to marry Jason Stackhouse!

Straight Guy said...

I keep up with your team's reality shows through the Soup on E. They've even added a segment called "Gay Shows!" which is ironically introduced with a montage of custom cars, explosions, etc.

I get a laugh at the highlights of RuPaul's drag queen university, but a whole half hour might require therapy.

Oddyoddyo13 said...

Yes! Am loving those numbers GG. :)

Bravo is awesome!

Gingerella said...

....and no gay little people either. You'd think TLC would be all over that!

kathryn said...

I'm a brand-spanking-new fan to Project Runway and I adore it. Can't believe I've been missing it all this time.

So, reality tv has the highest percentage, but none in the news broadcasting, which is the greatest reality of all?

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