Gay Guy Query: Into Flip Flopping?

Straight Guy,

How do you vote on flip flops?

I have a lot of ambivalence about them, especially on men.

I grew up in a culture where flip flops were for girls. Unless guys were on the beach or in the locker room shower, they did not wear flip flops. The rules were strict -- irrational but strict.

In the past several years, flip flops have taken over the summer footwear scene. They are everywhere, worn with anything. Shorts, jeans, the occasional suit.

I find the look incredibly sexy when worn by a really nice looking guy. There is something carefree about them. Something that says "Just rolled out of bed and looking good." Something breezy. And verging on androgynous.

Unless I'm on the beach, no flip flops for me. My hang up about flip flops is the noise they make. That "thwack, thwack, thwack" sound. Clothes should not announce themselves.

Straight Guy, flip flops on men? Sexy? Stupid? Hot? Heinous?

--Gay Guy


Michael said...

Slinging in from the GG side, I agree. Oddly sexually rebellious and therefor sexy.

Perhaps the flip flops are not announcing "themselves" so much as the hot man wearing them? Like I said, sexy.

Straight in Upstate said...

So GG, that's a big "no" on corduroys as well? Fwip, fwip, fwip.

I think a few years ago a women's national championship college team - soccer? lacrosse? - visited the White House and half the women wore flip flops. There was an outcry, but maybe just from their mothers.

A sandal (flip flop) company is starting up in my fair town (manufacturing? in upstate???) and the owner/ designer wears his creations everywhere, every day. January. But I think GG would approve - totally carefree, and he's pretty good looking as well. I'll point him out on your next visit.

Anonymous said...

I grew up in the Middle East, and maybe that's why I don't mind flip-flops (or facial hair) on guys.

Straight Guy said...

Flip flops are low maintenance footwear for low maintenance people. Not a gay or straight issue. They just let everyone at the party know "I'm phoning it in tonight." But they don't make anyone look good, women either. The main problem is general foot funkyness which straight guys seem to have more of a problem with. There are plenty of options which will let your feet breathe without sharing your diseased toenail situation.

For me, I don't wear flip flops because I always feel like they are going to fly off, so they make me shuffle.

Michael Rivers said...

I think they are very sexy on guys now. Growing up, guys never would have worn them. Things really changed.

Anonymous said...

Of the straight and female persuasion here -- I don't like flip flops on men.

Loafers with no socks -- very hot.

Gay Guy said...

Straight in Upstate: I am ecumenical. No cords. No fwip, fwip.

Straight Guy: Yes, please, please keep the foot funk to yourself. I just don't know how people keep their feet clean with flip flops.

Michael x 2: Thanks for the agreement on the sexiness factor.

Anon 1: Tell us more about Middle Eastern sexiness.

Anon 2: I am even more ambivalent on loafers w/o socks. The right guy (or foot?) can pull it off.

kathryn said...

Yeah, I'm not crazy about the sound flips make, either. But you guys don't have as many warm-weather foot choices as we gals do.

I'd rather see a guy in flip-flops (doesn't bother me, look-wise) than some of those leather numbers that look like they're begging for some black socks.

BosGuy said...

I love flip flops on men provided they have nice feet. I don't need to see someone's foot if they have yellow toe nails or their heels have an inch of dead skin...

Straight Shooter said...

Flip foot or Flop foot on to any college campus and you will see in the range of 80-90% of the student population wearing flip flops...everywhere, to everything...all year long.

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