Quiz: How Strong Are Your Austin Powers?

Gay Guy,

The nerd quadrant of my brain subscribes to the Mental Floss feed ("Where Knowledge Junkies Get Their Fix"). They publish some of the best general interest content on the web.

Like right now, they are running a nifty series on the significance and origin of the names of all 50 states! (Wow, reading that last part back doesn't feel so good in the "macho salad" quadrant of my brain. Where's a tomato to pulverize when you need one?)

Anyway, this afternoon's "who said it" quiz falls right into our sweetspot.
I scored 70%. Readers, check it out, then come back to let us know how you did.

--Straight Guy


Oddyoddyo13 said...


Darn, I'm slacking a bit! LoL

Btw, my science teacher showed us this video in science class, and thought I'd share it!


Straight in Upstate said...

50%, but I don't do wrestling or Victorian romances. It was fun to guess.

girldesigner said...

80% and I still have only the vaguest of ideas who Steve Austin is. I'm OK with that!

Dorn said...

70%, most were pure guesses.

David said...

50% . I'd say that's expected since I guessed on every one of them. Who are these people again?

Gay Guy said...

100 percent. A few calculated guesses. I waffled over the glass eye question.

kathryn said...

I scored 50% also. I do believe that I was assuming that most answers would surprise the readers, so I kept voting the other way.

Yeah...that's it and I'm sticking to it.

Seymour Saymore said...

Hey SG,

80% on the quiz--foiled by the glass eye question and one other.
I thought for a minute recently I might have an entry for your Gee Whiz series: The Washington Post published an item about a P.J. Clarke's coming here and said it would have reproductions of the "famous winged urinals" of the original. I had images of Winged Victory, flying monkeys, Mercury, Tinkerbell, etc. but this is all they meant:

Still, urinal-as-confessional intrigues. Sadly, I am of the gender that will never be able to check this out in person.

Anonymous said...

I scored 100 percent. GG and I win...an antimacassar embroidered by Steve Austin? Oh dear.

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