Gay/Straight Ad Watch: Expect the Unexpected, I Guarantee It

Wow, McDonald's of France! Where does the story go from here?

Men's Wearhouse: You had me with your improved production values and high-concept manvertisement. Then you go and bring back the tacky spokesman/CEO and flush all of your new cred down the toilet.

Shall we take a field trip for some burgers and slacks, GG? (And I pray that's not a metaphor for anything...)

--Straight Guy

P.S. I'm sorry to say that the folks at Super Sexy CPR did exactly as I predicted and just launched a sexy Heimlich Maneuver video. The thrill is gone. Once was enough.


Oddyoddyo13 said...

The McDonald's commercial WAS unexpected. :)

Straight in Upstate said...

Poll for the LGBQT posters: So, did you come out at a McDonald's? Do you wish you had? Like the ad; don't know if they're promoting individuality....or encouraging you to tell your dad you're gay over a Big Mac.

Brutalism said...

I always liked commercials better than television...these ads (even with creepy CEO guy in the second) are better than most TV.

SteveA said...

The McDonald's add is cool. Don't like the second.

Gay Guy said...

Predictably, I love the McDonalds ad. The French are so clever. Cute kid, evocative of early crushes, the way the final look on the kid's face leaves you hanging about what he's going to say next.

The Men's Wearhouse commercial is just annoying. What's it saying? "War is Hell . . . But Not as Hellish as Wearing an Old Suit." Or, "All's Quiet on the Wearhouse Front"?

I think that using images of war to sell cheesy suits is, well, cheesy. Not everything is for sale in this world.

SIU: Regarding coming out in a McDonalds. I did not come out at a McDonalds. Nor do I wish I had. Although, Ronald McDonald does have a gay vibe to him. (But, no one is sexier than the Hamburglar.) I wouldn't put myself or a loved one through an emotional moment in a public space. That's not fair.

A friend once gave me her theory of telling her parents something they didn't want to hear. Tell them when their mouths are full. Eating, brushing their teeth make good options. That way they can't talk right away and it gives whatever you say a few seconds to sink in. Maybe that's what le garcon is planning.

Dorn said...

So you know how Levis had a VERY different spin on their ad campaign airing on Bravo ( versus Network Channels ( a few years back? I wonder if ALL of France got this version or if it was targeted more specifically. If it's the former, big kudos to France.

Anonymous said...

I don't need drama with my Mickey D's. Bring back Grimace and Mayor McCheese.

BosGuy said...

very cute advertisement from McDonald's -- not sure it would get me to their restaurant if I were living in Paris. Too many other great options to be bothered by a McSandwich.

hateful missy said...

the mcdonalds ad is touching but the french & trust me its always the french leave out the tragedy that is hidden deep in the heart of 90%of teen gay love stories this boy is going to meet a girl/woman & realize he can get more cool stuf from his dad & the culture at large just for marrying her & having an unhappy marriage & a brood of ugly babies together so this boy will wake up some day & trash his all boy boarding school bf ... of course like many french men do he will again wake up in middle age & make a brooding film all about his first & true love filled with regret over his unhappy marriage etc he will seek out the former bf who by now will either be dead or happily ensconced as proctor of the same boarding school with his pick of totally cute french boys at his beck & call ... omigawd i cant wait for that mcdonalds commercial!

Gay Guy said...

Hateful Missy:
1) great screen name
2) isn't that the plot line of Jules and Jim?
3) welcome to gg/sg. please keep reading and commenting.


hateful missy said...

gg 1. thanks 2. i had to google jules & jim but honestly ive never seen the film i was only drawing on my personal experience with french men (sigh) & 3. thanks again i discovered gg/sg quite by accident & enjoy the repartee very much ... i promise to return

kamagra oral jelly said...

Excellent commercials, your are right we cant know what is going to happen.

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