Come as You Are... No Tomatoes, Please

Straight Guy,

Here's some news related to your popular June 3 post on the McDonald's gay-friendly video playing in France.

I take exception to Planet Homo's criticism that the boy doesn't come out to his father at the end of the commercial. Let's get real: 1.) We don't know what comes next between the dad and son. 2.) He's a teenager, cut him some slack. 3) It's a fast food commercial, not a civil rights smack down.

--Gay Guy


j.m. neeb said...

I find #3 to be especially important. Yes, a culture of understanding and acceptance is the best way to go, but fast food commercials are hardly the venue to make profound social change!

Gay Guy said...


Welcome to GG/SG, fellow blogger!

Keep reading . . . and commenting, please.

We look forward to spending time on your blog, too. The BP vid was a good intro.


Straight Guy said...

I like the tension -- I don't need resolution. The dad seems clueless, but proud of his kid and nice enough. Let's just assume that it all works out when the time is right... and the fries are all gone.

Oddyoddyo13 said... you're saying we CAN'T be bombarded with civil rights and common sense after turning on our TVs??

I like that. I could live with that.

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