Wow! Tell me something I don't know


Yes, Ricky Martin came out yesterday. Read all about it. Ricky Martin gay. Yes, crazy, I know.

I want to share with you Straight Guy's e-mail to me about the news.
Is it bad that I take some joy in the despair of female fans who have their hearts broken by news like this? I posted on the blog about a woman who had to stay home from work due to the shame she felt about Clay Aiken coming out. With all those posters on her wall, how could she face her co-workers now! I know there's a Ricky Martin fan out there who probably called in sick today. How she could have missed it, I don't know. When the hetero sexcapade video for 'She Bangs' has zero chemistry, the jig is up.

Readers: Any of you stunned by Ricky's news?

--Gay Guy


Michael Rivers said...

I have two friends who have first hand knowledge of Ricky. I said, "Wow" about twelve years ago. Now that the world knows, I can finally talk about it! :-)

Dorn said...

Mr. Rivers, you are a much bigger man than I, Barbara Walters would have paid mucho dinero for that info 12 years ago, and I would have SAAANG like a bird!

Krista said...

Not surprised at all. What surprises me is that it is still an event!

I am not sure how to say this diplomatically... but I wish that this news wasn't really news at all, and that the world didn't place so much importance on this facet of our lives and personalities.

I'm straight - which means I've never had to "come out." While I understand the importance of being open and honest about our feelings/preferences/orientation - I just wish "human" was good enough.

Does that make sense at all?

Krista said...

crap I wasn't done... My last line should have included that I am happy that people are more able to be honest about these things than they used to be. It's sad that people are so persecuted for *any* of their differences though.

Viagra Online said...

oh please this was soo obvious, for many years straight guys told "Ricky Martin is gay" nobody believe us, specially the girls, when I saw him with Jessica Alba I say myself "well maybe not" but you see in what result all.

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