Straight Guy Hall of Shame: Risk vs. Reward

Gay Guy,

New research shows that the mere presence of attractive women can drive straight guys to aggressive and dangerous extremes.
They show that just looking at an attractive woman makes them more likely to indulge in "physical risk-taking" which ends in embarrassing failure or even injury.

The change in behaviour is triggered by a surge in the male hormone testosterone which makes men "throw caution to the wind", according to psychologists at the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia.

In cave-man times, these displays would have been a crucial component of "competitive mating strategy" but in the modern world...

Instances of physical risk-taking that contribute to men's early mortality, such as dangerous driving and physical aggression, might also be influenced by increases in testosterone brought about by the presence of attractive women.

So, hot women are literally killing us. What? You thought our indefensible behavior was OUR fault? Hah!

I learned this stuff in Playground 101, but if you want the latest research:

--Straight Guy


Straight in Upstate said...

So are just straight men stupid, or does this apply equally to gay men? GG, any urge to go to dangerous extremes over the Antonio Banderas look-alike at the corner cafe?

Michael Rivers said...

I think it applies to gay guys too. We all go a bit crazy sometimes! :-)

Spot said...

Why did you assume women didn't know this?? It's been our evil plot for world domination all along...*insert maniacal laughter here*


Gay Guy said...

Oh, good Lord. Any stupid thing a straight man can do a gay man can do with even more stupidity. Some of the things that I've done in the presence of a new hot guy? I've begged for "early mortality" after them. They usually include nervous laughter, nervous drinking, nervous talking. Excessive spending of money. Mostly excessive displays of interest in what any of those guys were talking about. Which was usually themselves.

Dangerous. Dangerous. Dangerous.

kathryn said...

Oh, COME ON! So, WE'RE the reason you throw rocks at windows of abandoned houses? 'Cause WE'RE not doing that...nor are we around when you do!

And now, women are responsible for road rage? GRRRRR. Makes me want to punch somebody.

(pun intended. I'm not insane!)

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