Big Gay Day in the Nation's Capital

Straight Guy,

Today was an important day for gays in Washington, D.C. The capital, which in most ways functions like a state -- with some crazy, hard to explain, federal oversight, is allowing gay marriages. This morning, couples lined up at the city courthouse to apply for marriage licenses. Read an article and watch a video from the Washington Post.

It takes three full business days for D.C. to process a marriage license, so marriages won't begin to take place until next week, but I am encouraged, excited, humbled and share in the joy of the people captured in the video and more.

Seems like it all went smoothly, with just a few "Mourn for Your Sins" protesters, but that's to be expected.

I'm also encouraged that Chief Justice John Roberts refused to block the marriage applications. Opponents of the same-sex marriage law had asked the Supreme Court to put the law on hold. Roberts declined on behalf of the Court. Read the Post article.

I love the list of practical tips from the city's chief justice about keeping applying for a license smooth, which D.C.'s gay news site, DC Agenda, published. Read from DC Agenda.

The list includes: Be patient, be prepared (bring a completed application, bring your ID), and bring your money -- cash or money order, please. I love the mix of the mundane and the marvelous.

--Gay Guy


Straight in Upstate said...

It's called marriage, GG, a mix of the mundane and marvelous. "Be patient, be prepared, and bring your money" - that could be a wedding benediction in and of itself.

Gay Guy said...

Straight in Upstate,

That was a wonderful, insightful, concise comment, which I will soon pass off as my own. Thanks!

Gingerella said...

YAY DC!!!!! :)

Oddyoddyo13 said...

That's so awesome! I'm glad that gays are able to get married-I'd be hurrying too!

another gay gay said...

I bet that D.C. is a pretty liberal city, but I still hope that it will encourage states to make good decisions. Can't wait to see the brides and grooms next week.

You are so spot on, Straight in Upstate!

Kathryn said...

"Straight in Upstate" stole my line!I was thinking EXACTLY the same thing!(Hey you! Don't-cha like me anymore? Miss you at my place.)

That's for ANY marriage....usually the information is delivered in a monotone from some uber-bored, can't-wait-till-my-next-break worker behind the counter.

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