Gay Guy Take on Dop Kit Essentials

Straight Guy,

Here's my response to your Dop 5 post of last week.

Here's my nine travel essentials. I travel with twice as much stuff as you do and just clear the 10 or under threshold. I really should have included moisturizer with SPF in it, so I'll admit to a 10. Looks like my face is more delicate than yours'; I still need shaving cream.

Agreed that I could leave the shampoo at home.

Packing light on the accessories front doesn't make me feel like a manly man, just like a good planner. It all fits easily into a plastic bag. TSA appreciates it, and it makes me feel efficient.

I put effort into packing light. Mostly, it's a game for me. When I get home and unpack, I like to see what things I wore and what I didn't. Unless it was extra underwear, I like to break even.

The last time I went on a long trip --to London-- I packed super light. I checked with my bed and breakfast in advance and confirmed that there was a laundromat within walking distance. I've done that in Paris, too. Your load is lighter and you meet some interesting people.

--Gay Guy


Molly Louise said...

I just returned last night from a six-day stay in a NYC hostel and I must say that I completely over-packed, clothes wise. Though it was damn cold and layers were appreciated, I still packed too much. Kudos to you for keepin' it light.

BosGuy said...

I agree with you GG. I think the more frequently you travel the easier this becomes. It is probably the neurotic traveller and the occassional traveller that are most likely to overpack.

BTW - good to see you are so hygenic ;-)

Oddyoddyo13 said...

I try my best to pack light, but find that I don't travel enough to get into the habit. ;) Then again, it may just be me.

Michael Rivers said...

I always say I'm going to back light. Well, I used to tell myself that. I've stopped fooling around and just start pulling out the luggage.

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