Gay/Straight Survey: Model Kit?

Gay Guy, Readers,

This time of year, I spend a bit of time on the road for work. I travel pretty light. At least I think I do.

Last week, I was passing through airport security and put my plastic bag of toiletries in the bin for scanning, per Homeland Security instructions. I don't know the exact limitations for size or weight, but I've never had a problem. There was a gentleman in front of me, however, who was forced to trash bottles of stuff. He got to keep quite a bit, but still trashed more than I brought. It got me to thinking...

So help me, readers. Even if airport security wasn't an issue, how much stuff do you need in your Dop Kit? Take a look, and be honest (it's anonymous). Count everything except prescription meds.

Fun fact: DOP is not an acronym for anything. Someone named Doppelt crafted a small leather case for this purpose in the early 1900s. The name really caught on in World War II. "Dopp" is (or was) trademarked, but you can find many bags named "Dop," "Dob," or even "Dobb."

--Straight Guy


Murr Brewster said...

I prefer to travel with other people who overpack.

Spot said...

Quite obviously, us straight gals overpack. But then again, I pack all my husbands toiletries too so it's a combo.


Molly Louise said...

I always pack way more than I need, just in case.

kathryn said...

I'm an over-packer...and I'm proud. I also over-grocery-shop and tend to over-cook. (Over-cook as in too much, burned.)

Gay Guy said...


I just barely came in at 10. My list o' essentials:
1) Toothbrush
2) Toothpaste
3) Floss
4) Shaving cream
5) Razor and blades
6) Deodorant
7) Face cleanser (gay)
8) Moisturizer (with SPF, so I think this should count as mediation
9) Shampoo
10) Contact lens solution

If it's a business trip, add 11) shoe buff rag.

Do meds count? Trust me, TSA wants me to travel with them, not without them.

Tinkerschnitzel said...

I know it's more than 10 items for me, but most of it is small. I ALWAYS carry bobby pins and safety pins, even if I don't have plans for them. BTW, if you can't sew, duct tape takes care of those hems in your pants or skirt that come undone just at the wrong moment and you don't have time to find a seamstress or taylor. (Yes, you put it on the inside.)

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