Waterslides + Zombies + Underwater Lanterns = Sexytime?

Readers, if the embedded video won't play for you, here's a link to a similar, but longer, promo for the British version.

Gay Guy,

Ummmm. Two things.

First, copywriting kudos to the phraseologist who came up with "the miracle of engineering tucked away in his pants" and "the mysterious world beyond his boxer shorts."

Second, I think it's best to leave a few things shrouded in mystery. I don't know if I'll ever purge my mind of the image of millions of euro-hipsters dressed in white and their epic, graphic, tragic demise in the cold, lonely mountains at the hands of the masked, dark zombies. Whose idea was it to turn this whole thing into a cut rate Lord of the Rings knockoff, anyway?

How am I supposed to get my mojo workin' after that?

Anyone remember Tony Randall and Burt Reynolds in the countdown skit from Woody Allen's "Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex (But Were Afraid to Ask)"?

--Straight Guy


Straight in Upstate said...

I agree with the LOTR analogy - gives new meaning to Frodo seeking the mysterious gash to deposit his magical package.

Dorn said...

Semen Epics are all the rage Yo! Seriously though, doesn't it make you feel mightier to know your little guys can battle Sauron should eminent doom be at your door...or in a girls pants?

Tinkerschnitzel said...

I'm just slightly creeped out by this one. The zombies were creepy, and I like zombies. One question: why were some of the sperm women? It doesn't make sense.

Spot said...

Tink~ the women sperm were the ones with the x chromosome, therefore making girl babies.

I don't know, watching this video, it's a wonder any of them ever make it to the egg and any woman gets preggers.

And that phraseologist is a genius!


kathryn said...

Ahem. That was...by far...the strangest re-creation of the "miracle of conception" I've ever seen.

Who wants to watch a bunch of people follow a sperm's journey? Who paid for this film? Will they be showing it in sex-ed class??

BosGuy said...

That may well be the funniest post I've seen in recent memory. I can just picture the male actors who are playing the part of human scale "sperm" rushing home to tell their wives and mothers about their new acting gig on a documentary which will are on the National Geographics channel. That was a riot.

Ashley S said...

Haha! That scene is pretty funny! "You're standing on my tail." Oh Woody Allen! :)

Tinkerschnitzel said...

Thanks, Spot. I was still half asleep. :)

BosGuy said...

Actually ended up watching part of it this documentary (more by accident than design) last night.

Straight Guy said...

So BosGuy, what did you think? Sperm overload? Or, a new found appreciation for your own plumbing?

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