Why is Dick Button Wearing a Flannel Shirt and Trucker Cap?

This report is almost a year old, but this seems to be the right time for GG/SG to put it out there.

The quick clip of the dude dropping the lady on her face is not funny. But it is odd that ABC news used it to emphasize how dangerous the sport is for men.

I didn't see all of the male skaters last night, mostly because there were way too many. Can't we cut this list to the 10 front runners -- you know, the ones that can actually perform the required jumps? But I guess NBC knows where their ratings are.

I did see Johnny Weir, and he gives you no choice but to love him or hate him. Props for that level of confidence, AND for completing his jumps, but you still can't count me as a fan.

Does a campaign to toughen up the sport stand a chance? From what I saw last night (rococo costumes and finger flourishes galore -- ooh, did I just type that?), it certainly hasn't caught on yet. Though I'm not sure that seeing sweatpanted ex-hockey players pump their fists after a successful lutz is the answer either. There's got to be some room in the middle.

--Straight Guy


Oddyoddyo13 said...

Well, if you look at it from an athletic standpoint, its extremely difficult. I doubt you'll see any football players doing it! I agree some of the costumes can be a little feminine, but that doesn't matter when you're just watching the actual sport. At least, that's the way I see it.

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Straight in Upstate said...

In a related note, snowboarder Nate Holland is speaking out against narrow pants in his sport. Snowboarding is all about the baggies, the hoodies and the Carhartts and the iPods.

Sports have their traditions. You can debate the validity of "sport" or merits of "tradition", but figure skaters wear sequins and do hand flourishes. If you don't like it, don't watch it. Let 'em be.

Tinkerschnitzel said...

I managed to watch a good portion of the men's figure skating. I'm excited about tonight, but I will agree that the costumes need to be toned down a bit, for the men and women. Bare mid-driffs on ice? This isn't Dancing With the Stars, it's the Olympics! Where's the class? I honestly thought some of the costumes were tacky - I physically cringed when I saw the guy wearing overalls. I totally dug Even Lysacek's costume. Very Tim Burton.

Anonymous said...

Here's a link to a photo quiz where you have to guess if the closeup is of Lady Gaga or Johnny Weir.


Kathryn said...

I don't think anyone can argue the difficulty of figure skating...it obviously requires grace and a lot of strength.

Honestly, I was too busy marveling at their skill...(and how great their butts looked) to think of much else...

Gay Guy said...

I thought that Evan's performance was great and gold medal-worthy, but the outfit? Was that a snake running down the front?

I mean down the front of his chest and shoulder. Not anywhere else on his front. Although . . . .

Scott Kovacik said...

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Onto my comment...I think you'll find this refreshing - here's how to "butch up" men's figure skating. Enjoy!


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The skating industry always has funky outfits!

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