Trojan Condoms: Clip, Save, and Power Up

Straight Guy,

Did you catch this page in your recent Sunday coupons section? Just in time for Valentine's Day, condom coupons. I had no idea that condoms had gone so deeply mainstream. You know something has arrived when it has its own coupon. And, $5 off ain't bad.

Over my (sexual) lifetime, condoms have mostly been associated with gay men and their safer sex practices. I know that straight men rely on condoms, too, but I think this is gay turf. Now I have to re-evaluate. What could be more straight than the Sunday coupon section. I think this ad is aimed at straight women.

Help me, Straight Guy. Look at the top right corner of the ad, at the $2 off coupon. It's for "any Trojan vibrating product." How the hell do condoms vibrate. You people really know how to get your freak on. Guess I should read the fine print.

Vibrating, eh? I barely understood when condoms advertised, "Ribbed for her pleasure." Kinda get the idea, but I'm still not sure that it's a product breakthrough. I'm pretty straightforward on my condoms. I've never needed to buy them -- between bars and Gay Pride parades, I get a free annual supply. TMI, I know.

Going out of town for a few days. I hope you and Mrs. Straight Guy have a nice Valentine's Day.

--Gay Guy


Kathryn said...

Imagine my surprise when during a bout with insomnia last night, I saw my first Trojan vibrator commercial. Or, was it a Trojan "massaging" product?? Now, I can't remember.

They never actually showed the product...just the nifty box...with several testimonials (mostly the female persuasion) who said it was everything from "cute" to "really fun" to "a great gift".

Since I'm solo for V-Day this year, I can't help but wonder if it's aimed at women like me....

I don't know if I should be happy or insulted...

BosGuy said...

Your post made me think of an Italian advert for safe sex that I recently saw on YouTube. I doubt you would ever see this in the US.

Gay Guy said...


Wow! Sharp find on that ad.

It's much more like an animated short than a commercial. It has a real story line, narrative arc, emotion, whiny accordion music. A Euro classic.

And, no, not something I expect to see on my TV any time soon.

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Anonymous said...

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