It's Gonna Be OK, Just D-D-D-Dance

Gay Guy,

I put up a quick tweet about this a few weeks ago, but it's worth noting that the trend continues. Here was my tweet:

Good news: Still the best video game player in this house. Bad news: Just crushed my girls in a Wii dance off to Spice Girls "Wannabe."

So, yeah, I'm having a hard time turning off my competitive side when we play Just Dance. I'm not at all edgy -- and am happy to see them win -- when we play UNO or any of their board games. And I don't throw snowballs in their faces, no matter how hard they try to take me down. But when it comes to video games, I just don't know how to phone it in. It's a fun game, not at all serious. We laugh our way through the songs, and they giggle at the sight of me syncopating to whatever pop ditty they choose. Not my most manly moment, but it's quality time.

I'm not a horrible dancer (GG, please vouch for me here). But during this game, inside my head, I'm not really dancing. Scoring is based on matching the movement of your game controller to the dancer on screen. That's all I care about, not how I look, but how I score. If I'm thinking about angles, acceleration, and elevation changes, is that even considered dancing? Well, according to those watching this herkyjerk from the sidelines, it's definitely not. They are mystified by my continued high scores when it's the little girls who have obviously put on the better performance.

My dad and I didn't share too many interests when I was a kid. But we'd shoot hoops and play a lot of 1 on 1. He didn't let me win just to boost my ego and I can clearly remember the day when I finally beat his A game. It was a big deal and I think we were both proud. I can only hope that my kids derive the same satisfaction from the moment when they outperform my "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" routine.

But, for now, that's all they really wa-aa-aa-nt. Just fu-uu-uu-un. I'll try to get there, too.

Readers: Dance to play? Play to win? Or, have the folks at Ubisoft built Just Dance to bridge the gay/straight divide? It's the number one game in the US and Europe right now, so they did something right. Anyone else playing?

--Straight Guy


Oddyoddyo13 said...

I've never played that (it sounds hilarious though!) and I'm not a really competitive person. At least, I don't think so.

Anyway, sometimes looking better isn't always doing better. But I wouldn't exactly say many people think about angles while they're dancing.....

Michael Rivers said...

Ny niece has this. I tried it for a few minutes and gave up. But I want to try again!

Tinkerschnitzel said...

I haven't picked this one up, but then again I don't have any of the Guitar Hero games either. Everyone in my house is very competitive, which does make for some great Mario Kart.

Spot said...

I haven't tried this one yet. Everyone in my house is cut-throat competitive so this would be interesting. I'm sure my daughter the dancer would win. Maybe that's why I haven't tried it...

Swimming and tennis were me and my Dad's "thing". I've still never beat him at tennis. I was seventeen when I finally beat him in a swimming race. I will never forget that day.


Kathryn said...

I'm loving the mental image of you shaking your booty whilst mentally working up angles and elevation...

Obviously, the girls are gonna learn the hard way that "Daddy's in it to win it"...enjoy it while you've still got the energy!

There'll be plenty of time for them to whoop your butt later.

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