To the Summit of Mt. Mignon!

Gay Guy,

The Cattlemen's Beef Board, better known by it's slogan "Beef, It's What's for Dinner," has an ongoing campaign featuring "Beefscapes." Click on the photo to enlarge the fleshy panoramas of beach, canyon, and mountain. [More ads and corresponding recipes here.]

The new slogan is "Discover the Power of Protein in the Land of Lean Beef."

Look, I fall into the straight guy stereotype on red meat. I like it. I cook it. I eat it. I don't ask too many questions. I'm not a vocal advocate one way or the other. But presenting meat at this epic scale is slightly... confrontational. That might be the point.

So I pity the vegetarian who wanders upon these ads unsuspectingly, especially in oversized publications like Rolling Stone.

--Straight Guy


Straight Guy said...

And no stealing "The Land of Lean Beef" as a new slogan for Boystown, Gay Guy.

nanio said...

I prefer the PETAfied "Beef, it's what's rotting in your colon."

Straight Shooter said...

As the Barefoot Contessa and Sandra Lee would tell you, presentation is half meal!

I don't think this is what they had in mind...

It could become the newest craze in art school: Meat as Landscape...supplanting the well trodden Body as Landscape theme.

Not to mention eating "lean" beef 5 nights a week is the express train to heart attack station.

Personally, I prefer my beef to be grass fed, well marbled and consumed less than four times a month. Also, corn belongs on the cob with butter (not margarine) and salt...not in the cow.

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm...beefy glaciers...what is that stuff they're using to make sand? Is that stuffing?!?

Straight Shooter said...

It might be couscous? Or, perhaps, light brown sugar? It could also be a ground up I might be spending too much time watching Good Eats...

Straight Guy said...

The link will lead you to higher resolution ads (how much bigger do we need to go here?) and corresponding recipes at an edible scale.

In this case, I believe the beach is composed of boiled bulgar with pumkin pie spice. Meh. Whatever.

Is it just me? I keep expecting a beefy Willy Wonka (and perhaps some cowboy-themed Oompa Loompas) to appear in the these meatscapes.

Also, will somebody please let me know when the Bakery Council makes similar ads from strudel, donuts, and cookies. That's the stuff dreams are made of. Acres of Brown Betty.

Kathryn said...

Okay....but, I'm confused. Do they feel that if red meat is perceived as beautiful landscapes that it will allow people to forget it's artery-clogging favor of eliciting fond memories of...what? The Grand Canyon, perhaps? I wonder who came up with the idea of featuring meat as mountains?!
Love your blog, guys!

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