Hadji and Bandit Know, But They Won't Tell

Regular reader Straight in Upstate posts a question about the classic cartoon "Johnny Quest."
Dr. Quest and "Race" Bannon - your average genius and macho go-to sidekick, or America's first action hero gay couple? As a five year old I wondered where the mommies were, as a 46 year old I'm picking up a definite vibe. Or maybe it was just a bromance.

I guess they live on on the Cartoon Network; I remember them the first time around, Saturdays at noon. The art and dialogue are incredibly cheesy now, but the big band score is still great - cue the trumpets for the big chase scenes.

I'll take this one, Gay Guy.

When I was young, I never questioned the relationship. If there had been a "mom" around, she probably would have put the kibosh on more than a few of the adventures. That show was violent, and I know that my mother was not big on murder and mayhem. So I assumed, given the "adventurer's" lifestyle, that Johnny was better off with his father and Race, who only cared that the kids came out of each scrape alive. That they were held hostage, witnessed cannibalism, or chased by the walking dead was not such a big deal.

The fact that Dr. Quest and Race may have been a couple is hardly the most controversial aspect of their parenting style. "What's that? Deadly crisis in a remote region? Let me get my guns and my kids and we'll be right there!"

"Child Protective Services on line 2, Dr. Quest."

I love that there was an episode entitled "Pursuit of the Poho." I have no idea what it means, but will find a way to work it into casual conversations ASAP.

Also love that, in the photo above, the Quest team might be rushing to danger in their secret science jet... or returning from an IKEA run in the minivan... not much difference. That's what you get from a man who wears a double-breasted short-sleeved shirt, and pulls it off. You go, Race!

--Straight Guy

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Straight in Upstate said...

I never noticed the double-breasted shirt before - that seals the deal for me. I bet Bandit is the ring-dog at their Big Sur nuptials in August.

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