Good Driving Abounds

I polled a few friends. Male, female, gay, straight. It's all the same. Here they are:

1) “I am an EXCELLENT driver. You have driven with me many times. I do not drive with white knuckles, nor do my passengers; I can parallel park on a dime; I can use the speed of my car to maximum capacity."

2) “I quote Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man -- I am an excellent driver.”

3) “Seriously, I am an excellent driver! Much better than my husband. He's a much better map-and-directions-reader than I am, but I'm much better at actual driving: changing lanes, noticing objects around me, remembering where I am in relation to where I was. So I'd say we split the spatial-relations/navigation abilities. That said, whenever we go on long trips he insists on driving. This means I'm navigating...which means we're each doing the thing we're less good at.”

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