Jane Austen... Without Apologies

Straight Guy,

I want to circle back to the January 14 post about PBS' first episode of "The Complete Jane Austen" vs. Terminator Chronicles. This post has drawn a lot of comments, so it strikes a chord.

(I tuned in to the second Austen installment, which was not as good as the first, but still fun.)

Obviously, I'm the Jane Austen side of this Sunday Night Smack Down. No question there. And, no apologies.

It makes me remember a funny interchange a few years ago. I had just started a new job, so new people to meet and a new audience to come out to. (Coming out is almost never a one-time-only event.)

I came out to male colleague who also turned out to be gay. He told me he had already figured it out. I wasn't particularly surprised, but I asked what was the tip off? "You told us what you did over the weekend," he said. "You said you went to the house and garden show.... and you didn't apologize." Well, no, I wasn't dragged there.

If the house and garden show is gay, what's straight, the auto show? Since we are trying to bridge the gay/straight divide here, I'll meet you at the boat show, Straight Guy.

--Gay Guy


Straight Guy said...

Someone once told me that even though I am friends with Gay Guy, they never wondered if I was gay.

I asked why and she said "Because you are a mess."


Straight but not narrow said...

First, as a long time reader and first time writer I'm a big fan of the Blog.

B. I've never been accused of being gay (outside of one girl at a bar that insisted in me doing a Jack McFarland "Just Jack" impression). And I think acting Gay to hit on a girl makes you even more straight.

SIDEBAR FROM WINKAPEDIA: Sean Hayes has played both gay and straight characters during his time as an actor but refuses to discuss his own sexual orientation in public. I'd love to see him come out to say "I am not a gay man but I've played one on TV.

I digress.... is that a gay tendancy? My question here is about items and activities I wonder have an air of gay about them. Not totally straight not totally gay. Can straight guy/gay guy help me on the following:

Vanity Fair. Gay or Straight? Why do I more often than not have to keep it folded with the cover concealled in public places?

Bowling: I love the feel of crushing ten pins with 15 lbs of reactive resin but then there is the immasculating display in the form of that wierd dance that so many people do to make a 4 - 10 split. That seems pretty gay to me.

Scott Baio is 46 and Pregnant: Guilty pleasure or gay? The Chachi can't be gay but there's a lot of whining about finding love and starting a family.

Surely there's more but help with these would be a good start.

Straight Guy said...

Not Narrow,

See new post in response to your questions.

Many thanks for your support of the blog.

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