Cleanin' up and gettin' down

Straight Guy,

I'm amused by the results of a study about relationships reported earlier this week, which says:
"Same-sex relationships may be healthier than straight ones... because couples in same-sex relationships were more flexible in terms of gender roles, parenting, and household responsibilities."

The researchers concluded that
"heterosexual couples could learn from gay couples about sharing housework... "

Read a news brief on the study.

"Sharing housework?"

I don't know the couples the researchers studied, but it wasn't any one I know, gay or straight. What couple shares housework (at least in a way that makes them both happy)? Fighting about housework keeps couples counseling in business.

Don't subscribe to the stereotype that two gay men equals one tidy home. I've never known a neat freak to fall in love with a man who wasn't messy.

My longing for the disinfected ties that bind are perfectly summed up in the lyrics of the B'52s song "Housework."

Who wears the rubber gloves in your house, Straight Guy?

--Gay Guy

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