Doonesbury Gay/Straight Storyline

Trudeau has B.D. (straight) visiting Mark (gay) for a few days, and it's got both of them out of their comfort zones. Not sure how long the story line will run, but seems to begin here.

--Straight Guy


straight in upstate said...

Trudeau's been doing gay/straight storylines since the mid-1970s when Joanie Caucus had a crush on fellow law student Andy Lippincott. That was followed through to Andy's eventual AIDS death in the 1990s (I think). Trudeau can follow a story arc like nobody's business. IMHO, he's always funny without trivializing his topic - I know many disagree on the "funny" part.

Straight Guy said...

Though I'm generally in-line with his politics, I always think Trudeau is funniest when he's less agenda-driven. The recent strips on BD's rehab have been the most interesting for a while.

Thanks for reading, Upstate.

Bricker said...

I've always thought that BD was unredeemable, but dang it if he hasn't changed my mind lately.

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