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Hello Everyone,

Thanks to all of you who have been helping us test our blog. We're now in possession of the domain, so we're even easier to find. If your friends happen to be gay or straight, please let them know. We'd like the site to be much more interactive, and we'll keep adding features to get you involved.

If you're new to this blog or blogs in general (Hi, Gay Mom and Straight Mom!), please start at the bottom (Nov 07) and work your way up to the top. Blogs work backwards that way. But if you check once a day or every few days, the newest stuff will always be at the top.

We have big plans for the upcoming year. We hope you'll stick around. And, hey, if you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know. You can e-mail anytime: Or, leave an anonymous comment to any post, we like a little mystery sometimes.

So far, we've found that we agree on a surprising lot, actually. Some of our readers were hoping that this would be more of a debate, hotly contested from both extremes. Expecting perhaps Sean Connery debating Elton John on whether to serve venison tartar or tea and cakes.

That's not us. Gay Guy can't sing and I've never met Ursula Andress.

Thanks again,

--Straight Guy

UPDATE: The straight/gay stereotypes rarely hold up... I was quickly notified that Elton John was once in a straight marriage (yikes!) and Sean Connery once did this (triple man-boot yikes!)...


straight in upstate said...

Dudes, you told your moms about this? Now there's a topic we need to hear more about. GM and SM reactions to the blog; also common mother issues between GG and SG - maybe that's where we all meet on the same ledge!

Straight Guy said...

Can't speak for GG's mom, but as I hinted, it's not the gay/straight divide that limits my mother's interest, it the cyber/realworld divide that's the setback.

Mom, if you're out there... call Ernestine at the switchboard and see if she can connect you to the blog.

As far as the common issues: Currently, both moms are telling us not to feel guilty if we need to exchange any Christmas gifts for a better fit or different color. But, we'll dig deeper for you, Upstate.

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