Viral Video: Thou Shalt Not Dis the Dude!

Gay Guy,

Here's part of a young adult church service, where the "hip" preacher breaks it down for his parishioners. Specifically about love. He advises the ladies to find a hard working man with a prominent Adam's apple -- and to avoid any prospects from herbal-tea-drinking, skinny-jeans-wearing, Ellen-watching categories.

We get it. Ruddy good. Metro bad.

I'm kind of with him on the skinny jeans. But ladies, let's not rule guys out based on hot beverage choice. Whatever happened to "judge not," preacher man?

As for all the heavy breathing while emphasizing the importance of manly radiance and ruddiness... settle yourself down, dude.

What does the book say about guys who need lots of hair product, giant show-offy watch bands, and shirts with multiple epaulettes? Irony much?

--Straight Guy


straight in upstate said...

I'm sure he read this part and you just edited it out: " My beloved thrust his hand into the opening, and my inmost being yearned for him." Um...was this related to some ruddy manly ruddy labor thing,or did opening-thrusting mean the same thing it does today? Break it down for me, metro-preacher man.

Anonymous said...

Yes. Women love it when opportunities to meet nice men are even more limited.

Anonymous said...

Anyone's gaydar go off when this "dude" is talking?

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