Style Watch: It's Whiskers, By a Whisker

Gay Guy,

I know you think I don't shave daily because I'm a lazy wreck. True enough. But it turns out that I've got it just about right.

This is soft science for sure. But research seems to prove that having stubble, or the hint of a beard, is the sweet spot for male attractiveness. According to women, that is.

"Women are more attracted to, and more likely to develop a long or short-term relationship with, men with light beards or stubble. They also find men with full beards more aggressive and mature, but also the least attractive. Men with no facial hair were rated the second-least attractive, but also least likely romantic partners." -- Quote and pics from Pajiba

In other words... "proof that you can grow a beard is sexy -- just not necessarily having one." -- Vancouver Sun

GG, Readers, sound right? Or is there a gay take on this, too? Ladies, can you confirm or deny, based on the photos above?

Straight guys, I've drifted into full beard territory from time to time, and have the distinct feeling that my nookie aggregate may have been negatively impacted. When your significant other tells you, even jokingly, to "shave that thing," do it. Especially if that thing is your face.

--Straight Guy


straight in upstate said...

Totally correct, SG. My wife loves that I have hair in long as it's kept under control. She tolerates my occasional beard but there are....negative impacts. I grow one in February, shave it in April, which starts Friday.

Dorn said...

I grew my beard out a couple months ago...the wife definitely approves. I keep it trimmed close though; I don't need any leprechaun jokes.

Anonymous said...

Straight woman here -- love facial hair on men. It has to look good, be well maintained, and be the right look for the person (sometimes a goatee doesn't work, whereas a fuller beard might). I like kissing a man with a mustache.

MayB said...

I'm not sure that photo grid is fair (nasty hat on Paul Rudd), but based only on that, middle wins.

I'll keep my eyes open for more data.

Like the blog.

Molly Louise said...

Yup. Completely confirming that the first signs that you can grow a beard is incredibly attractive. The full furriness? Eh, that I can do without.

Gay Guy said...

I find the perfect level of stubble to be a mystical experience. Sexy stubble says "bad boy," but in a non-incarcerated way. The perfect level of stubble says, "I'll play the game, but not subscribe to it." See Paul Rudd, middle image.

The problem is the unkempt version of a beard. See Paul Rudd, right image.

A lot of guys grow beards because they think it's less work than shaving. Wrong. Beards are more work than being clean shaven. Lots of detail work with scissors and the razor.

I had a beard for a month or so once. It started out as a vacation beard --no reason to shave, so you don't and then a week goes by . . . . I was surprised how hot people thought the beard was, both men and women. It was like I was someone else, which was both a turn on and troubling. My then-boyfriend loved it, until it started to scratch him.

I almost always end up with the clean shaven guy. I can never resist the best little boy in the world.

John said...

Hey the previous comment by John is actually by me her wife! I simply forgot to add that in my comment.

John said...

PLz ignore my comment.

Dwight Supremacy said...

Gay guy here. Totally dig facial hair. Depends on the guy, but sometimes even to the point of the thicker the better. Like SF Giants Brian Wilson thick. I "fear the beard" in a good way.

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