Rader Poll: GG and SG Disagree on How to Handle Jugs


Gay Guy and I were talking the other day. And, as usual, he said something that shocked me into momentary silence.

Apparently, he has never -- never! --taken a swig of any beverage directly from the jug or carton. Even though he has an awesome bachelor pad and can make his own rules.

It's no one else's milk but his. But even if there is only a sip left, he still feels the need to transfer to a glass before consuming.

He said it just grosses him out. I pointed out that it's much more environmentally friendly to drink from the jug than to use the water needed to wash all those glasses. He didn't budge.

I also pointed out that there's essentially no difference between the jug and single serving bottles of Gatorade and beer (which he's fine with). Especially when he's the only one drinking them. He just looked back at me like I was the crazy one.

I will admit that if a beverage is shared among roommates or family, that it's best to follow standard protocol and keep your mouth off of the container.

But I'll also admit to breaking this rule from time to time, especially in the middle of the night. And, if it's the last serving? There are no rules.

Any insight, readers? What are your guidelines?

--Straight Guy


BosGuy said...

No comment. Don't want my gay card revoked.

straight in upstate said...

I can't remember the last time I drank milk straight out of the carton/ jug - more because the plastic-coated paper/ plastic tastes yucky than out of consideration for my fellow man. Since I've been married, I've confined my direct-drinking to last-sips...and my wife is still repulsed. I've been known to drink the last coffee straight out of the pot, and that doesn't go over well, either.

Dorn said...

Last serving is a definite go. OJ is my biggest offense.

Prince Imrahil said...

I can't bring myself to drink out of jugs/cartons. I never got into the habit. Something about it just seems gross.


Writer said...

I have definitely taken the occasional swig from wine bottles, Gatorade bottles and vodka and bourbon bottles. But unless it is the absolute end of the milk jug, I won't do it, because bacteria from your mouth will cause the milk to spoil quicker.

David said...

I used to do it all the time as a teen. I was too lazy to deal with a cup. I don't do it anymore but since I live alone, I wouldn't feel guilty if I did.

Jen said...

Well, as a woman and a germ freak, I prefer not to have an open door policy as far as drinking from the carton. I guess if it's just always the same person no harm. I am a water waster.

xyguyin415 said...

GWM here. I chug from the jug daily. Gallon plastic jugs of milk are my favorite as are quart bottles of juice. Coffee, however, must be poured into a mug that has been filled with water and preheated in the microwave for 3 minutes to warm the mug before filling with coffee.

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