Ad Watch: St. Patrick's Day Man Hug Rules from Guinness


There's a debate on Guinness's YouTube channel about whether this is homophobic or not. Let us know what you think.

GG and I just shared a few Guinness with our coworkers this afternoon, as a matter of fact. Someone also piped in some Irish jigs from Pandora. Instant party.

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all! Be safe.

--Straight Guy

Also, check out the link to
"Gay Ads| Straight Ads" (our Tumblr collection of stereotypes in advertising) in the right-hand column. Right now you can catch a few new international ads, from Daniel Craig in drag (for Women's Awareness Day) to men ignoring lonely supermodels in favor of HDTV (for a South American HDTV service, natch).

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Dorn said...

Slainte! St. Paddy's Day hugs quickly turn into necessary support for the falling down drunk. Embrace your buddy!

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