Viral Vid: Sassy Gay Friend on March Madness

Straight Guy,

I love this Sassy Gay Friend vid. He's broken out of the literary classics (Romeo & Juliet, Othello and Macbeth) to take on sports. It's March Madness! Or "March Crazy Times Tournament," per Sassy Gay Friend.

Readers, people are often surprised to find out that I like basketball. College basketball at least. Straight Guy and I are lucky to live in a good college basketball town with pretty reliable access to excellent seats. We end up catching three or four games together a season. Always fun. Straight Guy understands how the game is played, and knows why players get fouled, for example. I just take it all in. I like the excitement, speed and beauty of the game, plus great people watching. A good night of basketball is not that different than a good night of theater, just with nachos and beer.

I am part of our office basketball pool, which is pretty much a direct donation of $10 to the winner. My bracket looked pretty good for a while -- I was in the top half of the 40+ in the pool, but I don't have the guts to look at it now.

In June, I should start a Tony Award pool and steal people's money. Great idea, except the only people who would enter the pool would be tough to beat. I don't expect any novices filling out a Tony Award "bracket."

--Gay Guy


Straight Guy said...

I'll grant SGF some latitude with the crass product placement. Glad to see he's found a corporation to sponsor his madness, and nasty catchphrases... that straight guys can never use.

straight in upstate said...

Nice to see SGF out of the studio and goin' live....GG, I know your secret fear, the same thing that pisses off basketball fans: if you run a Tony bracket, someone (i.e. straight sports fan) will pick winners based on name, number of letters, or another totally uneducated factor, and walk off with your money. Every NCAA office pool has the person (i.e. non basketball fan) who picks based on mascot or team color and usually wins.

Gay Guy said...


Are you trying to tell me that there is another way to pick a winner than team color/cuteness of mascot?

I would never stoop that low. I make choices based solely on schools that former boyfriends attended, based on how I hold former BFs in regard. That is to say, UNC in, then I remember how badly it ended, UNC out.

straight in upstate said...

You dated a Tar Heel (in NC, refers to UNC-Chapel Hill, not the state at large)?? Please tell me you were drunk.

Gay Guy said...

Drunk with luv, SIU, drunk with luv.

BosGuy said...

absolutely hilarious.

Rob from VA said...

Methinks I sense a Duke fan in our midst...unfortunately.


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